How to Slam Dunk to Perform Extraordinary in the Game?

As we all are well aware of the fact that the dunking is the most challenging part of the game. One should be quite perfect, efficient and expert in order to do it frequently while playing. Standard basket normally presents on the height of 10 feet from the ground and in order to do slum dunk one should be good at jumping as without high jump it is quite impossible to dump properly and frequently.

Players interested to be a master in slam dunk should first concentrate on their jumping and should how to jump higher fast with different physical avidities and exercises. These exercises will then help the player to coordinate its legs and lower body while jumping.

Find below step by step instructions on how to make the best use of slam dunk:


Initially practice for weight lifting as it will strengthen your legs and lower body not only this but through weight lifting one can improve the movement of muscles and legs as well. After doing so one will definitely have strong and flexible muscles that will eventually help in curling and extensions of legs.


Stretching your legs is another important requirement to be fit and for slam dunk. Stretching provides your muscles flexibly and athletic potential as lack of flexibility can cause injury. Stretching cause loosening of muscles and allow them to move & work in increased range. In other words we can say that muscles become quite strong and can function far better.


Third step toward slam dunk practice is the addition of different styles of jumps in your practice sessions.

Different training jumps which can be useful are:

  • Depth Jumps

  • Box Jumps

  • Bounding

Depth jumps are also known as squat jumps and these are most preferred type of jumping to increase the vertical leap. While practicing one has to squat as much as he or she can until its butt almost touches the ground. After doing so one has to leap at once as high as one can and then back to depth jump. These jumps will train the body eventually for good attempt in the game.


It’s better to use jump training shoes while practicing. For sake of compaction of calf muscles go for toe raised jumps. In this case one has to balance his or her whole body weight on its toes and has to jump again and again before coming back to the initial neutral position. This practice is specially for strengthening the calf muscles. Basically jump training shoes have special sole on front allow balancing of body weight on front platform instead of on heels.


Carry on your practice by adding weight ankles, and holding weight exercises for better stamina and power. Do this exercise on specially designed plan better to consult some expert before that.


After jumping practices what you have to do is to dribble towards basket. What you have to do is to manage the palming with your dumping hand while dribbling towards pocket. Do dunk one handed practice first as to dunk with both hands is much more demanding and efficient act.


Try to learn that how to use inertia with extended hand while playing. People even good in palming sometimes loose ball while dumping. So do practice it in different directions to be good in dunking.