Easy to Do Exercises to Improve Coordination

Coordination of muscles, hands and feet is very important in sports. Take the example of basket ball, without proper coordination you are bound to lose the possession of the ball while dribbling. Every part of your body must be properly coordinated to help you become a better player.

There are many exercises that improve coordination, some are listed below:

  • Skip the rope quickly!

  • Thank you Muhammad Ali!

  • Dance with me!

  • We owe something to Joseph Pilates!

  • Jump the Jack

Skip the Rope Quickly

Skipping the rope is one of the best and foremost exercise to improve coordination of lower extremities. All you have to do is jump the rope when it comes near your feet, so that it passes right beneath you and doesn’t touch you. The better and quicker you are at jumping the rope, the better your coordination will be.

Thank you Muhammad Ali!

The Ali shuffle, as it is more commonly known, after the famous boxer, Muhammad Ali, is a very good exercise to help you in getting more balanced and coordinated for sports. In this exercise, a line is drawn and one foot is placed in front of the line, while the other is at the back. The exercise starts with switching the feet from the front to the back. In this way, the whole line is covered and then you have to move your way to the other end of the line in the same way.

Dance with me!

Who says dancing is just for fun? In fact, dancing is a great way to improve coordination among your muscles. If it is done with a group of friends, then it can be proved even better. Dancing is a fun way to exercise. The more you enjoy doing something, the more you will do it again! Some dances have difficult steps that take some time and coordination to master. Try them and you will soon be the hero of the sports field!

We Owe Something to Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates developed a system of exercise in which people could have better coordination in the sports field. They could keep their balance well and for longer periods of time. This exercise also keeps the person mentally and physically fit. The reason why Pilates develops your coordination is that it enables you to control your body with your mind. You have to make sure that it does not control you, and that you are able to complete the movements smoothly.

Jump the Jack

This method of improving coordination does not require any equipment. You just have to jump up and down with your hands by your side. Whenever you jump, your feet move out at the sides and your hands move up. When you land back on the ground your hands and feet are in the starting position again.

There are a lot more exercises that help to improve coordination and many people hold sessions for workouts as well. These workout sessions are helpful for the sports field as well, because that is where there is a great necessity for coordination! Of course, all the above mentioned exercises would be difficult and tiring to carry out suddenly, but you can warm up first and go ahead! There are many places where you could work out your kinks first!

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